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Keith Gorny Artist 400
While planning goes into my representational paintings I tend to work quite intuitively. I hope my paintings have rhythm and I look for subjects that will assist in accomplishing that aim. Passages of colour, fragmented brush work, tonal arrangement and strong lines of perspective are all put to purpose in achieving a sense of movement and tension.

I find something vital in intricate subjects that at first glance look chaotic but on closer inspection reveal an order, a pattern, where the gaps between things are as important as the solid object.

These themes of rhythm, movement, balance and fragmentation inform my more abstract works where the tussle between imagination and observation is more pronounced. Each painting is a stand alone work that I hope will evolve independently, be open to interpretation and avoid a static narrative.

Predominantly I paint in Oils, a medium with a huge capacity to shift and surprise during the creative process. Having established the principal representational elements through an oil wash I set about building up the image through the application of glazes.

This time-consuming, considered, edgy process is interrupted by moments of energetic impulse inspired by, amongst other things, an unexpected painterly effect. I find the tension between these tight and freer elements visually engaging. Resolving a struggle invariably produces something more dynamic and interesting than the painting that comes together without adversity.
Keith Gorny (b 1971) studied Art at Bradfield college before completing his BA at Exeter University. He continued his study of Art in London working at both Sotheby’s and Christies Auction houses through the nineties while attending courses at some of London’s most renown Art Institutions. Working out of his studio in West London his award-winning paintings have been exhibited in group shows across the UK and are held in private collections worldwide.